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Bad Boss? Get H.A.P.I.!


MAKE THIS ABOUT WORK REL'PS since title addresses boss


add photos with every other paragraph or so

All About Getting H.A.P.I.™!


Are you struggling with light-weight enemies (LWEs) at work? People with whom you must deal with regularly but who trigger feelings of aggravation or resentment? Are you:

  • Ready to call the police or relocate because of a neighbor?

  • Worried about that questionable “friend” hanging around your teen?

  • Hoping that a certain co-worker is NOT scheduled to work the same shift/committee/project as you are?

Long-term situations with people who annoy, trample, diss, agitate or otherwise disturb your (inner) peace are DRAINING. What could you do with all that energy if you had it back?


Hi, I'm Dayle paz  PUT VIDEO here with paragraph above about long-term situations.....Start with my own specific examples and who i listener...and maybe like you, i used to have lwes in my classroom and workspace, home?

What would it feel like to go into work dread-free?

What if you could alter the relationship and resolve the situation with your particular LWE without having to speak one word to said person?

Does such a miracle exist?

ask aditi and others if i can use their pictures on the site.

order para 1 who they are 2

how they feel

3 what they want

4 the problem

5 solution in their language- and what parameters they require to use solution

6 what is costs NOT to get a solution or not to fix what i fix

7 if they are x y z at this stage continue reading

8 introduce program - we move the way they are going to want without having to confront argue or continue to be stuck in a cycle of 

9 benefit for them/mission statement -philosphy- what makes my way different or my reason for doing it

10 what they are getting - the OUTCOME very clearly

11 address their doubts and concerns - build confidence because...

12 enthusiastically mention a little ofo mechanics and OUTCOME

13 steps that they will take so they can see HOW they get to outcome. the steps show the step names and then WHY this step - to show BENEFIT to client

1 Initial consultation & Personalized plan - define the difficulty clearly - gives clarity - the clearer we are the more easy and effective it can be going through the process. Do you really want your lwe locked up in Siberia? Go deeper than your current ideas for solution and Get clear on how you really wish to feel. on what you really want to have as an outcome - Let the change begin! 


3 - Express/Get emotional/moving - express honest feelings for  emotional release (HAPI session) - physical relief and a freer mind/better sleep and begin to reclaim your power


4- Rehearse (the relationship you want) - shore up and speed up the process of freedom from agitation (with recordings and exercises)


5- record (& celebrate)- the evidence as it comes in - to build momentum and joy as your lwe shrink/slinks off or radically transforms! celebrate as your situation resolves (in surprising and fun ways!) Homeplay/check-ins and support

receive personalized one on one hapi time

- where the conccrete change begins 

14 sign up YES I:M READY spot

15 more about program and benefits why it's amazing..leading into

16 testimonials

17 "if you dive in and implement you can expect each of these results and more:" outcome, outcome list of benefits, what changes in their lives, focus on outcome at bottom of sales page

18 testimonial

19 visual representation of what they will receive.

20 summary of what change they'll get - everything you need to transform.....x.y.and z

21-testimonials of people who did program - their favorite parts, etc. use alison...

22 - description in detail of each course (R's were in a package) not steps - maybe the different things - guided meditation deets, homejoy sheets, etc. availability by email, support calls, initial consultation - here we'll dream up what would you really want to see. with your lwe? etc. how we'll do it and outcome/benefit/why?


Call to action...are you ready to...(describe moving into outcomes)

Show confidence i

reiterate cost of waiting



payment options

My why - letter from me - why an i sharing this program with you? also show credentials in this letter

case study - longer than a testimonial or two

not sure what to do? 


Couple of testimonials of what would be said to someone thinking of doing this program. letter from me about what would you want to hear before you make a big decision, show understanding

picture of me

p.s. about case study

faqs in spread out order, offer email address in part

payment options again

for a few hundred, not necessarily this long a sales page

At beginning, invitation and story in video - may be if shortage - mention at some point. use exclamation marks if we like. 

YES! I deserve H.A.P.I. ness!

HONEST ACTIVE PRAYER INTERVENTION (H.A.P.I) -is a process that transforms your light–weight enemy (LWE) into one of two categories. Either:

  1. A) The tolerable acquaintance/potential friend category OR

  2. B) Out of your atmosphere. The LWE will move, switch departments or absent themselves, never to step on your nerves again. GUARANTEED.

H.A.P.I. is most effective for women who:

  1. Have some sort of faith  – you don’t have to be the pope….but you must be willing to receive and act on intuitive, Self-discerned direction.

  2. Are open to engaging imagination and enjoy the creative process

  3. Have a high sense of urgency. Something’s got to change and soon!



          A.S., Dance Teacher

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have immediate relief from anxiety and transform that life-zapping relationship?

Contact Dayle Paz at 817-805-9856 or for your free consultation, video chat, etc and to explore how you can get H.A.P.I. 

moving Meditation Tati.jpg

Remarkably, things have gone really great…and turned around for the best

Dave C.


“How beautiful and relaxing and helpful…It really makes a big difference in my life. THANK YOU!”



             Actress/Elementary Teacher                   Dallas

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