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Hey Creative Mama, you 'get' the sense of wonder, discovery and capability that comes with artistic exploration. Now you can foster that same creative experience and expression in your child; with a class that caters to both you and your little one. MaMaMiaRT makes it easy for you and your child to create together in a memorably fun way. With a MaMaMiaRT class you will:


      * Know for sure WHICH of all the cute projects in the world are actually age appropriate for your child.

        * Avoid getting stuck with scads of project-specific art supplies that you use only once or twice.

       * Benefit from the guidance of a professional art educator through the process (and dodge costly "fails.")

        * Enjoy the ease of having someone shop for all the supplies for you. yes!


So sit back and save your time and energy for your little one, to create together in a relaxed ambiance. Sign up with a friend and make MaMaMiaRT class part of playdate. Get together in person or attend the live online class room where you'll

meet other creative caretakers just like you.

Can't make the live class? Tune in to the recorded class and enjoy when the time is right for you.  Each MaMaMiaRT class includes the art supplies you need, conveniently delivered to your door.

Upcoming Classes

Ages 6 - 24 months

Ages 6 - 24 months

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