Choreograph your Life!

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Your Dance added something extra special and cultural ..... You had their total attention. I thank you so very very much for that.”

 Carolyn West, CEO Thank you darling foundation

Choreograph your life

Choreograph Your Life! Is an intimate, interactive performance  inspirtainment, for creative, Spirit-minded women at personal crossroads (after mastering motherhood, partnerships and careers) through/by, inviting them to self-expansion through connection with their Spirit. Through, inspirational entertainment, evocative meditative poetry and (offering) spirit- stirring activities. encouraging meditation and fostering connection with Spirit  (combines, combining, combined with) through inspirational performance, evocative, thought-provoking, spirit-stirring/stirring words/poetry , meditative poetry, guided meditation and spirit-stirring activities,(interactive) experience  to audiences of creative women

inspirational for it can be tailored to the audience. Participants, seeking/needing spiritual and psychic renewal.




Tailored to your audience (physical capabilities)

Choreograph your Life Focus can be tailored to your topic/retreat or event focus

Tie in a focused “work” session that feels like play.

Fewer retreat/event segments for you to plan and execute = more time for you to relax/more energy for you to direct elsewhere. Easy peasy!

Anchor/Solidify/Ground your participants’ knowledge, understanding and personal breakthroughs  through full/body- (and) mind engagement

 Add a unique twist with experiential inspirtainment/inspiring entertainment (that…makes your retreat unforgettable

for participants with Experiential way of absorbing/absorbtion of information/through joyous full-body, experiential/grounding knowledge.

Participants solidify Self-discovery, discoveries/breakthroughs, understanding and ahas (through/by) absorbing understanding in an experiential way.

Partner with a women(and minority)-owned biz



Practical and substantive exercises (for….what purpose? Why is this important)

Participants walk away with how-to techniques (to connect and create/for connection and creation that ) they can use (at home) 4-evah after your event

Personal takeaways/record to extend experience after retreat/event is over/finished/complete/ particpants return home/for ongoing revelation/advancement

Entertainment built into evening, inspirtainment

Add a unique dimension to your retreat(or event)

Activates and expands creative thinking and the awareness of new possibilities for each ideas partcipant

Elevates group energy through physical movement and makes room for/invites in/Holy Inspiration for individual participants/enhancing the sacred connection for/of each participant



Welcome (feminine) Invite sensuality into your spiritual practice OR Open to feminine (aspects of) spiritual dimension(s)

Develop an easy and fresh way of connecting to G-d Guidance

Tune in and turn on /Rekindle (and augment) your innate creative powers

Find and wield the power of your beauty

Grow your confidence

Try on (ways) to welcome sensuality into your rel-p with G-d

Develop/create a new vision of yourself

Emancipate/Liberate your peculiar and unique individuality /expression

Activate long-forgotten, dismissed or supressed gifts.




The Choreograph Your Life experience can be/

 (Choose from) the following Topics…… and exercises (can(to) address:

What’s/What next? Creating a new vision of yourself/re-invisioning your Self

Brave Hearts:  (Moving) from (religious Traditional) status quo to spiritual adventure.

Wonder-FULL – (How to/Practices to) Fortify your self with self appreciation. Practices to empower yourself with appreciation. Practices to build (up) confidence in/around your beautiful self.

BE-ing: Finding and nurturing new (or long-forgotten) dimensions of your peculiar self. (1 part -Allowing G-d in the details)




  1. Sensuality and Spiritualty – Relating to God as a feminine being.


  1. Sacred Emotion – Tap into the power of your feelings


  1. Body inclusivity – bringing your body into your Spiritual understanding, Trusting God in your body, The Body and Intuition, Temple Awareness


  1. Amplified Christianity/Spirituality – Moving beyond mind and knowing around or for G-d to a direct and present experience of G-d for oneself)


  1. Confidence, Influence  &(Power) in relationship w/G-d

Katherine P. 

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

"..Your meditation was one of the class highlights. Thanks again for contributing your time and spiritual presence…you are a blessing.”

               Rev. Patricia T. Bass

about DAYLE

"Your dance was the essence of inspiration!" 

Carolyn West,  Executive Director

Thank You Darlin' Foundation