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  Beginner's Moving Meditation Learn how to Connect with Spirit and lift your spirit with moving meditation. Power name relaxation or sleep series? Make this and following HAPI gift pop forward on top of MMM or after they press the button? Make the words and picture buttons to take them to pages. Put each of the services at the top, alternatively, for what they do, benefit. Spice up your connection to Spirit...Magnetic MM: offer as voice recording w/or without music to practice at other times when not in space to move. DECIDE what is bonus 

  Learn how with Moving Meditation for beginners. Its free
Learn how to with the video class series Moving Meditation. It's free.
Learn how to Move and Meditate with a free video class series.
Learn how to move and meditate with free video classes
Learn how to move and meditate with the audio-video course. It's free!

With recorded delivered in suitable style, On time delivery, timely delivery smooth sound in /through/via quality mp3 or format of your choice. 

Give the gift of  soothing.calm/tranquility/relaxation.Luxurious. Sail away for with moments of luxury listening with Sounds of the Season. These recordings...Simple, calm and easy relief of tension in the body combines deeply relaxing meditative experience with ideas to guide you toward PRESENCE  For yourself and/or for a friend BOGO subscription sale. Treat both of you to a little luxury

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We're all about having playful adventures with Spirit and creating deep peace in our closest relationships. 

SPAUDIO Benefits

 Quick and gentle release of Phyical tension



raise  awareness of Spiritual Presence in a fun way

connect you with possibilities you can receive from your PRESENCE 

to help you realize that actuality relieves emotional stress

Presents unique slant or angle to open your mind and being to receive the PRESENCE and unique ideas to help you arrive (back) at/ receive your PRESENCE

presented in a highly poetic/delivered in/by high quality poetic and addictive  by a delivered  skilled voice which is     

 deeply relaxing meditative experience delivered by/with highly skilled , voice artistry/artist D Paz. 

very relaxing voice 


 All for less than the price of a few 90-minute massages (and you know they always pare 'em down to 80!)


 re you a creative or crafty mommy longing to get (out of the house, get some connection/friends and get your creative mojo back? If you are a creative maker mommy who wishes to get back into your creative maker mojo back, please join us! At MaMaMi aRT we offer classes /sessions/workshops taught by skilled facilitators./so you can learn something new, dabble, meet /and make new friends/acquintances and

novel ideas/cute projects picked out for you. 


express yourself. try/discover new techniques, bond with your little one and  while creating beautiul where you can learn new skills and dabble 

Hey creative moms (grandmas and aunties) ready to revisit hoping to pass on your creative abilities to the next generation. to the little lovey you are spend creative time bonding. Being creative with them offers opportunity to be creative TOGETHER instead of waiting tofor pockets of time to express yourself. Wishing to foster  this creative capability in your child but not having the  are stopped by not having hte where withal to get all ideas together, especially ones that will work with your child's age apprpriate best most age appropriate for your little one. HNoWhat stops you . having to purchase a gallon of supplies for something that your child may only enjoy once or twice. by yourself versus guidance and atmosphere. online or together online is fun too. brigng in your other friend. Or you know that creativity is important  its important to you. you wish someone would ave exposed you to more art and you don't know if it;s to early to start (combine with age apprpropriate point. Make it part of a playdate or a wekend mama and me time  . Can attend live , enjoy the company of others 

Creativity is important to you, you wish to foster the sense of wonder, joy and capabilitiy creative expression can give. base for problem solving skills,  What's more being creative together offers opporunityy to BOND  while...fostering...

Hey Creative Mama no having to overpurchase supplies for a single project idea

, enjoy the ease of knowing WHICH projects are actually age appropriate for you r little one - out of all the cute ideas projects which ones, No having to shop for all the supplies ( we all know that's not happening anytime soon) Save your energy for relaxing and creatively spending time with your little one in a relaxed ambiance. make it part of playdate orand come with a friend. attend together or meet in the online live class

experience the company and ease of guidance through the process, avoiding costly "fails" and meet other creative caretakers just like you.

or drop in open up the recorded class and enjoy when the time is right for you. for the guided lesson when it's convenient for you. Each sessio incoludes all the supplies you need , guided lesson, 



























































We're all about playful encounters with Spirit, deepening connection in close relationships and recovering creative momentum.

 You have a very soothing, calming voice! Thanks for the great ideas! Eclecticon participant
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