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Keep What you LOVE about LOCKDOWN!

If you are ready to:

Listen for the deep desires of your heart

Knock the stagnant stuffing out of your schedule and

Woo-woo your way into the "Normal" of your choosing

Then Come On!

"Keep What You Love About Lockdown!" uses tantilizing meditations to hook you up to your Infinite Power Source. The class combines this connection to Greater Guidance with Inspired Art Prompts to turn your creative vibe up and ON as you devise your great escape. The class includes Facebook/Zoom live implementation sessions to bolster your progress and fine tune your strategy.

Keep What you Love About Lockdown!
July 27 through August 5, 2020
Create & Connect Video Classes: Every other day (5 classes) July 27 through August 4, in your inbox, 10:00 am CT
Facebook/Zoom Live Implementation Sessions: Every other day (5 sessions) July 28 through August 5, 8:00 pm CT

For your convenience, ALL CLASSES will be recorded and available through August 31st.

Register and nab your spot for
Keep What You LOVE About  Lockdown!


The list price for this 10-day course is $197. For a single, private, art class, my fee is $60. With "Keep What You LOVE About Lockdown" you receive 10 days of art and meditation, original art templates to spring-board your creative mojo, Inspired Art prompts, class recordings, guided meditation audio...!?!?!?

Hop on NOW before i come to my senses! : D 

Have more of your life, your way!



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