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to flip your family dynamic

Happy Family

Become a Happier Mom 



 Did you  "used to be" a happy mom, on relatively on the right track, decent progress scholastically, overall you had a lot to e proud of. But then. But then,  your good child started hanging out with kids...not so good. But then...where you used to insist -- some of the values you'd thought you'd instilled began to unravel...your child stopped caring about their future, leaving you to fret frantically over what will happen if they continue to ignore assignments, test prep or tank scholastically. evading you or lied to you. But then, You're a good mom, devoted and mindful of being kind while conveying values to your kids.  Freedom is important to you and so is seeing your kids make great choices - it can feel so satisfying! Your kids are definitely on the "right track" and compared to some,  low maintenance.  But lately, there are issues becoming boulders between you and your teen.


Maybe She doesn't seem motivated to take care of her future.  Or one of  your teen's social connections is cause for concern.

These are NOT the friends you hoped for; they don't share your family's values you have instilled in your teen, don't exhibit the courtesy you expect, seem downright rude/disrespectful and equally troubling, their parents don't seem to know or care. What to do? 

 Do you:

      (Literally) feel sick with worry about the influence of a certain friend your teen is spending time with ?

Disapprove, openly or in secret, of your child's choice of boyfriend or girlfriend? 



Notice that your relationship with your teen has eroded to where there are more negative exchanges than postive? 

Find yourself waffling between trusting your teen and feeling suspicious

Have you become uncharacteristically harsh or explosive in communicating with your teen? 

Do you feel weepy when you are not in his or her presence?

  • Long-term situations with people who annoy, trample, diss, agitate or otherwise disturb your (inner) peace are DRAINING. What could you do with all that energy if you had it back?

 Two rounds of therapy/mediation/family counselling could easily go for/cost you....With this pakage you have ...a complete system of to mediate negotiaterelational change, WITHOUT the  hassle of facing down the other person, whether the other person wishes to "Go to therapy" or not! And a money back guarantee






. if you do the work, you WILL see a change 



You could Peace of New lifestyle to achieve your solid family connection? Priceless!

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