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Spring is HERE and...

so is the delight of natural structures moving from their sleepy winter architecture into fresh color and unbridled blossom.


How is Spring showing up for you? Are you enjoying “Spring” in your closest relationships?


Do you DARE desire something new, delightful, exciting in your close personal ties?

If you are longing for a way to plug your woo-woo into something wonderful in your personal relationships; I have got the time and the meditation for YOU. Let’s do Lunch-ABLE! Lunch-ABLES are creative, one-to-one, joy-building sessions packed with juicy ideas to banish 'same ole' dull dusties and promote the thrill of connection whether you wish you could talk more candidly with a parent, you crave another kind of connection with your mate, or you want to share your perspective with an adult child without seeming pushy or "out there."

Here's how it works:


We meet at the place of your choosing and you "treat" me to lunch, during which you get deeply heard around the relationship in question, in complete confidentiality. Next, we succulently brainstorm what you'd truly like to see, feel and have. Then, I craft for you a made-to-order video meditation with words and simple motions, to get your joyous connection ju-ju ON. You return to regular life, refreshed and hope-FULL, knowing that you will shortly receive your secret weapon: moving meditation to amp-up  your relationship.




All this for the price of a single meal (during which I promise not to eat more than half my weight.) : D



Additional refreshing and relaxing recorded meditation to keep you humming to yourself with satisfaction.

Lunch-ABLE spots are limited to Tuesdays and Wednesdays in April so nab yours now!


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