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Come Away to Refreshment

In this busy season, as you check off your list, remember to put yourself at the top of the Nice list


Relax, luxuriate and return refreshed invigorated to your family, friends and the activities of this holiday season


Because You're WORTH IT


An online event to give yourself a HOLIDay - holy day - a sacred day to et

time set apart - a holi day for you to relax, unwind, pamper, treat yourself and return to your family and friends renewed and sparkling as freshly fallen snow

Get cozy/ Cozy up with yourself online with


What is a worth shop / a time one sets aside to esteem onself -to set aside partcularly to esteem/appreciate yourself. a time of renewal, a mini retreat rin the comfort of your home, online, to esteem and appreciate yourself for the gifts you bring and keep those gifts going/flowing. 


  • Recalibrate your holiday perspective (to what matters

  • Give your body a beautifying break

  • Reconnect with your creative flow

  • Soothe your being, inside and out

  • Return to your life and loved ones re-energized and radiant

The Cabin Comfort Worth-shop is a multi-sensory experience that brings the e, rejuvenating peace and stillness of a private cabin,  directly to you. A unique event, the Island Retreat Remedy is a complete package containing everything you need to go/move out of  from frantic/frenzy to fireside stillness!


Here's how it works:


All cozy cabin supplies are delivered straight to your door!

On Worthshop day, join the live online event  where your concierge, Dayle Paz, will lead you in an array of tantalizing meditations: Moving, Musical, Sun-kissed, Chocolate..(YES, you read that right!)

Next, you will find and flow in the pleasure of your innate creativity while crafting a unique keepsake.

To top the day off, soul and senses are lifted with a restorative bask in the treats and treatment inside your custom package. Ahhh...







The Island Retreat Remedy  is a quality experience, catering to a limited number of guests at a time. 

So don't wait and then be trying to bust your way up the line on the final boarding call!


 The next Island Retreat Remedy takes off Sunday,  January 16, 1:00-4:00 pm CT.


On the Island you will find:

  • Structured, planned-for-you time devoted to your revitalization

  • Fun and fresh mini-meditations to transport you to an island vacay state of mind

  • Deep-level relaxation for your body via unique audio artistry

  • Refreshing art activity to revive creative energies

  • Quality indulgences to pamper your senses

  • All options tailored to your specification to make the Island Retreat Remedy YOUR great getaway. 



Island Retreat NOW
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